Welcome to a fresh way to be more active!

WALX is a walking club, and community offering a variety of walks to a wider range of energies and abilities.

Isn’t that what we already had?

Not quite!

Before, we very much promoted the total body workout benefits of Nordic Walking and added in Smoveys and a variety of other tools into our walks to focus on fitness not just a walk of exploring.

We receive enquiries from people who want to join in but are not fans of poles, or perhaps want to bring a dog, find something suitable for wheels (buggy, wheelchair, for example), drop in for the occasional walk.. the list is endless.

So, as with the seasons, we are embracing a change to be more inclusive with a bigger range of appeal whilst still keeping the high standards of delivery.

WALX Derwent and Dales

How does that affect you?

It doesn’t! You don’t have to do a thing. Behind the scenes we are updating the website, our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We are part of a new UK club, WALX and aligning with their image, brand and promotions. We are part of a bigger community with the same ethos and walk styles.

The good news is that your current Nordic Walking UK Freedom passport and membership gives you immediate premium membership advantage. You can book on to any of the walks we offer through your Exercise Anywhere portal. We are part of a new venture, under a new NWUK umbrella.

New members can join us, without the need for poles, and enjoy the new style Explorer Walx, formerly the Adventure Walks. However, until they complete their pole training, they can’t enjoy the full WALX program as they still need a Freedom Passport to join in the Nordic WALX.

The fabulous news is that can now invite your friends, family and colleagues along to all the WALX. Share with others what you love most!

They don’t need to be a member and if they want to experience one of our WALX, they can book one of the Drop-in or Taster WALX. They just simply register for free on our Exercise Anywhere booking portal to get a taste of what WALX is all about

Our Instructors are now referred to as Coaches and the walk leaders are your Walk Guides.

Sam is your WALX Master June and Ali are your WALX Coaches. Our fabulous Walk leaders our now your guides.

The online diary will feature the new icons to show the WALX style so you can still book with confidence onto something that will feature your favourite elements

Nordic WALX

Explorer WALX 

Total Body WALX 

Wellness WALX

Accessible WALX

Our new name WALX Derwent and Dales invites everyone to be part of a friendly walking community! Let us read the maps and you can just fall into step, relax and be part of the WALX experience.

Our WALX Master, Coaches and Guides are professional, qualified and passionate about making our WALX unforgettable!

  •   So whether you want to walk for fitness, fun or simply to be in the great outdoors, join now and explore WALX that are welcoming, well organised and inspirational… wherever you may be.
  •   Join one of our Drop-in WALX to find out more and take your first steps into a world of WALX.
  •   If you’re an occasional walker, you can find a Drop-in WALX where you will be welcome to join in whenever it suits you. If you want more, then the WALX membership is ideal for you.
  •   For a low-cost monthly fee you can join unlimited WALX with us.